Two stallions are standing at EcoGypsy stud: LEO REX, bred by Danny Daley Fred’s Horse (which was bred by Fred Walker off Lion King) and SIR JACK, bred by Tom Price off Roadsweeper line.

All of the broodmares are back bred from late Fred Walker stock, some of them directly; with at least 60 years of very selective breeding behind them.

The bloodlines include: The Old Sham, Old Henry Horse, Eddie Alcock’s Old Black Horse, Old Coal Horse, Old Paddy Horse, Lion King, The Roadsweeper, The Christie Horse, Hugo Boss and many other greats. Male lines are presented at the bottom of the page.

We keep limited number of mares as we are focusing on highest possible quality rather than quantity.

All horses are passported with Traditional Gypsy Cob Association and registered in the studbook with DNA on the file. Most have DNA proved pedigrees, up to 3rd and 4th generation.

  • The Christie Horse aka Billy Boy


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